It’s becoming the talking point of the industry. Only last week were we reading of a long-established English kitchen firm forced to close the doors. Worryingly so was their reputation, like-minded small family business structure and efforts over a sustained period to avoid same. Sadly – the showroom door just wasn’t opening and there is only so much one can do. So what about us?

Certainly, as the months have rolled into the years following the June 2016 referendum above all it’s been the uncertainty that’s caused most heartache – in our opinion amongst the less than 50’s demographics. Internal renovations more often than not are not necessary, but rather desirable, and if they can wait, often they will. Throw into this the style of products we strive to supply – no matter how tough times are – it’s always better to avoid the ‘pay cheap / pay twice’ trap. With that in mind, our clients generally see the value in modernising their property, with the use of good quality manufacturers it’s true that you will always add value to your property. Additionally, whilst the property market is desperately short on supply, the yield on a recent renovation may just be that bit higher.

For us, our approach is simple – maintain tight cost controls, invest in our workforce, showroom, website and most importantly promote ever more the good work that we do. Only recently have we started asking clients to provide customer reviews on google – an authentic platform which carries more weight than the usual website lines. Together with this we install confidence in our clients with who we are, our history and experience of weathering similar storms.

Enough of all the uncertainty, let’s conclude with two certains: 1 – No one knows the future of Brexit, 2 – We’ll still be supplying quality bathrooms for years to come.